Motto: “The Lord resides in the cave of your heart. Wash His feet with tears of devotion, Gaze at His face with the eye of Wisdom.”

This ashram is sanctified by long time tapas of a Yogini Mata and other mahatmas in the natural cave. So Pujya Amma might have felt the touch of divinity of the place. She told that she had an intention of sitting in the cave for tapas when she was a brahmacharini and working in Chittoor. But it is a wonder that after more than twenty years the abandoned ashram is taken over by Amma with the request of devotees of Chinmaya Mission Chittoor in 1996.

Purpose of the project:

To develop Chinmaya Dhyana Guha and to provide free accommodation in the ashram for acharyas of Chinmaya Mission (for a period of one month) who wish to spend their time in intense tapas in the solitude of the natural caves.