Sandeepany Krishnalaya is accessible through a picturesque 200 miles drive from San Francisco and south of Humboldt State College. Eureka is the nearest major city to the north; Ukiah lies to the south. The town of Garberville is ten miles north. The famous redwood ‘Avenue of the Giants’ is fifteen miles from the retreat.

Krishnalaya by road... Krishnalaya is located 80 miles north of Ukiah (1 hour 30 min) and 80 miles south of Eureka (1 hour and 15 min drive). It is one turn off of Route 101, on Route 271.

Northbound: From San Francisco Bay Bridge, travel North on Route 101 for about 190 miles. Three miles past exit #627 turn LEFT at “Cooks Valley/Route 271.” Go 1/4 mile, cross over a bridge, Krishnalaya is the first property on the RIGHT. Turn Right into the secluded drive, you will see a stone wall and KRISHNALAYA sign. The OFFICE is on the right fork, and clearly marked.

Detailed driving directions coming in from San Fransisco (northbound):

From San Francisco, travel North on Route 101, about 190 miles

When you pass through Laytonville (NEAREST TOWN HAVING GAS/SERVICES before reaching here), you are about 30 miles/ 35 minutes away.

When getting close, you will see a few Exits for Piercy/ Route 271. DO NOT TAKE THESE. Continue on RT 101 (passing exits #625 and #627.) You will turn LEFT 3 miles, after #627.

The two North bound lanes merge into one.

You will see sign “Cooks Valley /Route 271” (there is NO exit number) A Left turn lane becomes available. MAKE THIS LEFT TURN.

[If you get to RICHARDSON GROVE State Park (2 miles north), or GARBERVILLE (9 miles north), you have gone too far.]

Drive ¼ mile, cross a bridge. We are the first property AFTER the bridge, on the West (right) side.

Turn RIGHT into secluded drive. AFTER turning, you’ll see a stone wall and “Krishnalaya” sign.

Follow drive toward the right, look for the “OFFICE” sign or come to room #26 or #29

Southbound: Travel south on Route 101. About 11 miles past of Garberville, turn RIGHT on "Route 271/ Cooks Valley". Go 1/4 mile, crossing bridge. After bridge we are the first property on the Right. Look for the OFFICE, clearly marked.


 IMPORTANT: Be aware that GPS and website maps will likely misguide you. Be aware that your cell phone may not get coverage. You have to make your reservations in advance before you plan your visit