'Tamarai' means lotus. The lotus is a flower that symbolises knowledge and prosperity and is closely associated with the Goddesses of Learning and Prosperity, Saraswati and Mahalakshmi. 'Pakkam' is place and so Tamaraipakkam means a place of lotuses. In the past there were number of ponds here filled with lotus flowers. Sarveshwara Nagar in Tamaraipakkam is an ashram situated in Vengal village in the Tiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu, about 40 km away from Chennai city. The eight acres land of the ashram was donated by two noble devotees from Chennai to Pujya Gurudev in June 1984.

This ashram was set up as a Pitamaha Sadan - a place where people over the age of 60 can come and stay permanently. The purpose is to provide a quiet serene environment conducive for reflection and meditation.

It was also here that Sandeepany (Tamil) took firm roots and two batches of students underwent training under the guidance of Swami Shreedharananda.