Chinmaya Sannidhi

Consecration Date : 27th November 2004
Location : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Description of Diety
Rama Parivar

About the Temple

sannidhiAt precisely 12 noon on 27th November 2004 elegant floor length white silk curtains opened slowly to reveal the tall and majestic form of Lord Rama. Poised atop a glistening marble altar, accompanied by his exquisite consort Mother Sita, the ever-vigilant Lakshmanji and his ardent devotee Hanuman, Shri Rama's strength and presence could not be denied. The murtis were installed by Swami Swaroopananda at Chinmaya Mission's centre in Sydney. Created in the Chola style, of a dark and lustrous bronze, the murtis are heart meltingly beautiful. Bearing the Kodanda bow and crescent spear, Lord Rama, taller than the others, casts a beneficient smile on those who stand under his loving gaze. It is almost impossible to draw one's eyes away from the grace and beauty of Mother Sita. Lakshmanji, strikingly handsome, wears a secret smile of ecstasy as he stands beside his Lord. For many, it is the potent form of Hanumanji that captures the heart - standing alert, but with head tilted down and eyes slightly averted. He is the embodiment of single-pointed attention and love for his Lord.


Chinmaya Sannidhi

38 Carrington Road

Castle Hill


New South Wales , Australia

NSW 2154

+61-2-8850 7400

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