Chinmaya Saaket

Consecration Date : 26th Dec 1999
Location : Dallas, Texas, USA
Description of Diety
Lord Rama & Mother Sita

About the Temple

saaketSwami Tejomayananda, spiritual head of the worldwide Chinmaya Mission, inaugurated Chinmaya Saaket, centrally located in North Dallas on 26th December 1999. Saaket literally means the abode of Lord Rama. The centre houses a temple with Lord Rama, Sitaji, Lakshmanji & Hanumanji as the main deities along with Lord Ganesha and Lord Siva. A unique highlight of Saaket is the beautiful stained glass Chinmaya Mission logo, which casts a soft orange glow on Pujya Gurudev's picture in the foyer every morning.


Chinmaya Mission Dallas Fort Worth

Chinmaya Saaket

17701 Davenport Road


Texas , USA


+1-972-250 2470

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