Lord Shiva

Consecration Date : 2nd April 1988
Location : San Jose, California, USA
Description of Diety
Lord Shiva

About the Temple

lord-shiveOn April 2nd, 1988 Pujya Gurudev inaugurated the new centre, on Park Avenue in the presence of numerous devotees and supporters. He personally instructed how the idol of Lord Shiva should be made and with what features. He specified that the white marble idol should be sculpted in Jaipur. Gurudev named the new Chinmaya Mission centre, Sandeepany San Jose. The shrine is part of a very active centre, which has Bala Vihars, discourses, Vedic Chanting etc.


Chinmaya Mission

Sandeepany San Jose

1050 Park Avenue

San Jose

California , USA


+1-408-998 2793

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