Param Dham

Consecration Date : 19th May 1979
Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Description of Diety
Venu Gopal

About the Temple

paramdham-thumbParam Dham has a unique architectural style with three levels. There is a spacious open ground strutted with trees on the sides providing a large area to serve as yajna shala. Lord Krishna playing the flute (Shri Venu Gopal), the deity of the temple was installed on 19th May 1979 in vaidik vidhi. The shrines of Ganeshji (narthana pose) and Hanumanji (replica of the Veera Maruti at Sidhbari) were installed later on either side of the Dhyana Mandir. Param Dham stands on the top of a hillock known as Jodhpur Tekra on a plot of land of 2 acres. The complex has kutias for accommodation of the resident acharya, visiting acharyas and sadhaks.


Param Dham

Satellite Road,

Jodhpur Tekra


Gujarat , India

380 015

+91-79-2674 1527

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