Swami Pratyayananda

Chinmaya Mission Nanded

Chimaya Sevashram

93, Vivek Nagar



Maharashtra , India



Swami Pratyayananda is a graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. After serving in the corporate sector as an Electronic Engineer for four years, he joined the Vedanta Course in English at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai.

On completion of two years of training under the able guidance of Swami Tejomayananda, for a year and a half he was in charge of the activities in Chinmaya Mission Aurangabad. He has since been spearheading the work of Chinmaya Mission in Nanded and the Marathwada region.

His forte is interacting with the youth. He addresses them at their colleges, clarifying their doubts and inculcating in them the values of Vedanta. Conversant in English, Hindi and Marathi, he is able to reach out to a wide range of seekers in different age groups.

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