With the induction of Financial Controller into CCMT and engagement of services of professional accountants at a few identified branches / locations, the following objectives are expected to be achieved:

1. Uniformity in adoption of best accounting practices & mandatory accounting standards across all branches to bring in qualitative improvement in the presentation of financials;

2. Instil a sense of confidence with the Donors by ensuring that funds received are being utilized for their stated purpose through periodical sharing of information on the progress being made on various identified areas of fund deployment;

3. Appeal & urge all patrons, donors & well-wishers of the Mission to send Corpus Donation letters along with the donations to help conserve the scarce capital of the trust and use it most efficiently to build a solid financial foundation. This will help Trust to engage in the pursuit of cherished objectives on a sustainable manner;

4. Comply scrupulously all the statutory provisions and work within the regulatory framework to ensure that Mission name is not tarnished through inadvertent acts of omissions / commissions;

5. Optimize resource management through efficient tax administration at HO and branches whereby the tax leakages can be prevented;

6. Institute & inculcate commercial prudence into every aspect of financial transactions routinely to help Trust avoid wastages both on revenue & capital account