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If every limb demands what can the heart do – except miss-beat now and then – or jump into convulsion – STROKE? But we will give (or rehabilitate) the heart – CCMT and reach full vigour to all our centres so long as we can; all in His will and grace only

-Swami Chinmayananda

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Chinmaya Archives

Who we are?

Chinmaya Archives, which began in 1994, is dedicated unto the life, work and vision of our beloved Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda. Through this project we aim to tie together important events and information, related to our Acharyas and Chinmaya Mission history, scattered on loose pages of time. Thereby, we keep the light of inspiration lit by Gurudev ever glowing by preserving him in our hearts through his letters, writings, photos and other memorabilia, guiding the coming generations of His ever expanding family – Chinmaya Mission.

What we do?

Our scope of work involves preserving and digitising records available in various media like letters, photos, interviews of devotees, books, souvenirs, magazines, memorabilia and documents of organisational importance (reports, publicity material and others). With regard to the above we –

  • Pro-actively collect material of archival importance
  • Provide a safe and well-equipped storage space for archival material
  • Customise digitisation to make it search friendly
  • Assist in all research related to Chinmaya Mission

Chinmaya Archives has been and still is –

  • The primary source for authentic information related to Chinmaya Mission history.
  • The main source for providing Swami Chinmayananda’s letters, photographs and articles for various projects of Chinmaya Mission.
  • Providing reliable references for the Mananam Series – Chinmaya Birth Centenary Celebrations Series.
  • Providing valuable articles to Tapovan Prasad on experiences of long-time devotees of Swami Chinmayananda, gathered from their interviews.


24-temparature and humidity regulated rooms for storing archived material

  • Compactors for effective space utilisation
  • Fire safety essentials – smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire retardant paint
  • Use of good quality archival material – German acid-free paper, Japanese tissue lamination
  • High-end scanner to digitise content effectively and efficiently
  • Using the latest metadata software for tagging information to content

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