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If every limb demands what can the heart do – except miss-beat now and then – or jump into convulsion – STROKE? But we will give (or rehabilitate) the heart – CCMT and reach full vigour to all our centres so long as we can; all in His will and grace only

-Swami Chinmayananda

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Chinmaya Connect


The humble beginning ..

Like the Ganges, all great endeavours have a humble beginning. The first attempt made was to do webcast on the internet of Navaanha Parayanam by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda in a very primitive way with a very limited bandwidth in March, 2009 with a very basic computer. Later in October of 2009, CCMT began upgrading the existing IT services of about 15 PCs running on AMCs at Central Chinmaya Mission Trust with great zeal, in addition to giving the static, data-centric Chinmaya Mission website a facelift. The first server equipment was purchased and in-house IT team was set up, flagging off the journey into wired spirituality.

Where IT @ Chinmaya Mission has reached now…

Ever since the first Live stream, number of events have been streamed Live including Bhakta Bhakti Bhagavan, Atmabodha, Ishavashya Upanishad, Kaivalyopanishad, Prashnopanishad, Rudrabhishekam, Pujya Gurudev’s Sevak Training Camp, Jeevan Muktananda Lahiri, etc.

Starting with just two member team, today there is a team of 12 full time members and growing in Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT) along with a number of part time volunteers contributing in their own way from across the Globe. The operations are currently in four major areas: IT infrastructure development and support, Core IT projects, IT enabled services and IT advisory support.

Having completely set up the infrastructure at CCMT which forms the apex body of Chinmaya Mission, now the effort is started to set up  IT infrastructure at other Chinmaya Mission centres for conducting any Chinmaya Mission activities. Chinmaya Connect is currently the IT backbone for all departments functioning at Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, keeping them at pace with the world of technology.

Chinmaya Connect’s Vision summarises the purpose of its activities:

“To spread the Vision of Chinmaya Mission using latest technologies to maximum people in maximum locations through minimization of barriers and creation of new frontiers.”

In order to materialize the vision, Chinmaya Connect is implementing a number of projects. In keeping with its vision, Chinmaya Connect is also continuously trying to make a foray into various channels for digital content delivery which shall hold a prominent role in the years to come as a primary source of knowledge transfer and information dissemination.

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