Global Chinmaya Mission website:

This is the global website of Chinmaya Mission which will integrate all existing websites, rendering a one-stop information source for all Mission activity, events, itinerary, centres and acharyas across the globe. It is also in keeping with modern web technology to support social networking, mobile rendering, and full-fledged shopping carts. The website is designed to support a centralized database and work in a mode wherein the individual centres can have their own sub-sites with the global site and still have the flexibility to have their own layouts. This website will replace the existing chinmayamission.com which is already a feature rich website with an online cart selling books of more than a million rupees a year. Additionally, many other mission websites like tapovanprasad.chinmayamission.com and sandeepany.chinmayamission.com are also created and supported by Chinmaya Mission IT.

Apart from the global website there are around 70 websites of Chinmaya Mission. Gradually they will all be integrated in the Global Website to give user uniform experience wherever they are and also to give fresh and updated content always from across any part of the Globe where Chinmaya Mission has its presence.

Chinmaya Kids Website:

 There is no doubt that in today’s world the most powerful and effective means of communication across all borders is the internet. Thus Chinmaya Connect has created a delightful, child-friendly website, rich in content and graphics, to impart to young hearts and minds the wisdom of the ancient scriptures, which till today provide a strong foundation of ideals, virtues and values. Now the site has undergone a complete makeover in CCMT with dedicated animators, designers and artists as well as our vendors.

Webcast and video on demand - Chinmayamission.tv :

It is a powerful initiative which enables members to browse and watch a wide collection of video content including talks and bhajans by Acharyas of Chinmaya Mission. The site is currently undergoing a facelift and will be integrated with the Global Chinmaya Mission website so as to provide a one stop location for all the devotees for audio, video, online shopping and mission information.


With the popularity and a concept both convenient and ecologically beneficial, e-books on e-book readers has been adopted by Chinmaya Mission. Some of the most inspiring Chinmaya Mission ebooks on ipad and other devices are available on popular e-book stores like apple i-tunes and amazon store for your online bookshelf. More books will also be available on other websites soon.