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If every limb demands what can the heart do – except miss-beat now and then – or jump into convulsion – STROKE? But we will give (or rehabilitate) the heart – CCMT and reach full vigour to all our centres so long as we can; all in His will and grace only

-Swami Chinmayananda

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Chinmaya Prakashan


Bringing Knowledge to Light!

Who we are?

Chinmaya Prakashan, the state-of-the-art publications division of Chinmaya Mission, has since its inception, been bringing the knowledge of Vedanta to light in consonance with, our founder and inspiration, Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s vision. We provide and make available an intelligent interpretation of the scriptures in a language the modern generation can understand and relate to. This facilitates inner transformation of individuals, enabling them to become positive contributors to society. With over 900 titles, in various languages, and one inspiring Vision, we have been connecting people with themselves.

What we do?

From the blissful depths of solitude to the hustle and bustle of everyday living – we provide a refreshing array of titles to meet the needs of different aptitudes and attitudes:

  • Advice to householders on matters of the world
  • Mantras for corporates to optimise work-life balance
  • Stories and prayers for kids to love and grow
  • Direction to youth to channelize their potential
  • Guidance for seekers, both the devotee or the intellectual …

… There’s something for everyone.

We bring out these titles in various mediums to suit the need and convenience of different audiences and they include:

  1. Books – Hardcover and Paperback
  2. Books – E-Publications
  3. Digital Media – Audio (ACD, Mp3)
  4. Digital Media – Video (VCD, DVD)

Where we are?

Chinmaya Vani is our in-house retails stores spread across India and the world. In addition to this we have –

  1. A robust online platforms for sales and promotions (E-Vani Store and Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.)
  2. Tie-ups with numerous retailers (Crossword, Oxford, Landmark, Kitab Khana, etc.)
  3. Partnerships with other publishing houses and distribution centres

Thus ensuring that our books reach its readers to guide, delight and enlighten their lives.

  • Kalpanam
  • Sampadan
  • Marketing
  • Inv & A/cs

Support Us

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