Two decades have gone by, and one can see how seamless the transition has been.  Swami Chinmayananda’s vision, mission and drive have been as if passed on with the mantle and every dream is fulfilled with the same organisational zeal. The number Chinmaya Mission centres have substantially increased. In fact, they have almost doubled. New projects have been envisioned, enabled and executed effortlessly. Notable amongst these are:

•    Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore,
•    Chinmaya Centre of World Understanding in New Delhi,
•    Chinmaya International Foundation near Cochin,
•    Chinmaya Heritage Centre in Chennai,
•    Expansion of the Chinmaya Mission Hospital in Bengaluru and
•    Chinmaya Vibhooti Vision Centre near Pune
•    Upanishad Ganga tele-serial
•    Planning for Swami Chinmayananda's Birth Centenary Celebrations in 2015-2016

None of these are mean in stretch or vision, each take the Chinmaya banner wider and further, yet with the thrust on broadening and advancing the vision of Vedanta. Add to these the courses Swami Tejomayananda has added to the study and spread of Vedanta through postal and online lessons in:
•    Sanskrit
•    Bhagavad-gita
•    Vedic Maths

In overseeing the Mission's global activities and projects, Swami Tejomayananda's tours around the world are extensive and continuous. Throughout his travels, he conducts Jnana Yajnas (3-7 day Vedanta lecture series) in different cities and various countries every week.

That he has been able to win the love, devotion and dedication of the ever-growing Mission following is ascribed primarily to his continued love and devotion to his Guru, to Vedanta and to the Mission, and his loving manner, his phenomenal ability to continue relationships, his intellectual clarity, joyful wit, and open availability. That he has been able to carry the old and the young with him on the wings of Vedanta is ascribed to his devotional heart, his perfect ability to relate to all ages, all situations, all cultures and the consistency of the messages he sends through his talks and teachings.

Add to this, his remarkable foresight in endorsing and promoting technology to foster the Mission’s growth and progress, has earned him inter-generational appeal and endeared him to millions across the globe.