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To understand anything is to find in it something which is our own.

-Swami Chinmayananda

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New Ramayana Podcast

Dated : 2024/07/17

‘Living Ramayana’, Chinmaya Mission UK’s new podcast, hosted by Brahmacharini Shripriya Chaitanya, is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.

It debuted on the Top 10 Religion & Spirituality Podcasts in the UK on Spotify!

Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Teacher Empowerment Programme at Hosur

Dated : 2024/07/13

Chinmaya Mission Hosur, as part of its Teacher Empowerment Programme, conducted a half day session on the topic “5G” to the teachers of Bharati Vidyalaya School, Hosur, on 13 July 2024.

Sevaks Smt. Suganya and Smt. Rajeswari along with Swami Shashvatananda conducted the sessions which included videos clippings and celebrity talks related to the topic. After the theme introduction the teachers were asked to do a group activity which they participated enthusiastically.

Swami Shashvatananda and Smt. Rajeswari spoke on the theme Gratitude and ways of expressing it, while Smt. Suganya explained the benefits of Gratitude.
The programme concluded with the Chinmaya Mission Pledge which again was related to the topic and the Teachers could connect easily with the Pledge and they repeated it with complete awareness.

CCMT Turns 60!

Dated : 2024/07/13

Bharat is a nation with a strong and ancient spiritual backbone. Chinmaya Mission, set up by Swami Chinmayananda, has been playing a crucial role in modern times in keeping this tradition alive. What started as series of nationwide lectures to spread the timeless message of Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita, has over the decades grown into a humongous organization spanning numerous spiritual, cultural, social, educational and environmental endeavours across the country and abroad.

On 13 July 2024, Chinmaya Mission celebrated the 60th anniversary of its apex body, CCMT (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust), established on 10 July 1964. The event was held at the beautifully decorated Saraswati Nilayam hall in the serene Sandeepany Sadhanalaya Ashram in Powai, Mumbai, as a day to express gratitude to the Master, and to all those who had served the organisation over the years gone by.

The occasion was blessed with the presence of Swami Tejomayananda (former Global Head) and Swami Swaroopananda (present Global Head), who offered flowers at the altars of Lord Ganesha, Devi Saraswati and Swami Chinmayananda. Dr Manisha Khemlani, CEO of CCMT, set the tone for the celebration with her warm and welcoming address. It was time to honour and thank the trustees, ex-employees, current employees and vendors, who had served Chinmaya Mission for a period of more than 20 years. Many had arrived with their family members, and the hall was brimming with joy as each group was invited on stage and felicitated.

The felicitations were followed by inspiring addresses by Swami Tejomayananda and Swami Swaroopananda. Their encouraging and loving words filled everyone’s hearts with even more determination to take the vision forward. Swami Tejomayananda then, in his own inimitable and kind way, released the sixth and final e-book in a series by Smt. Anjali Singh titled, “On Higher Flights with Swami Chinmayananda”.

The morning session ended with the moving words of Manisha Khemlani’s vote of thanks, making all feel truly blessed for being part of the landmark celebration of a very special journey.

After a sumptuous and sattvik lunch, the stage was set for an afternoon of fun-filled and joyful indoor games, activities and garba! The infectious energy of the volunteers got the Chinmaya family members going and there was much excitement and laughter in the air. As a befitting finale to the day, the group settled down to listen to the stirring words of the song “Hamare Gurudev”, reinforcing each one’s commitment to seva and dedication.

Non-Stop Hanuman Chalisa in Uganda

Dated : 2024/06/17

Devotees in Uganda were blessed and graced by the first ever non-stop musical Hanuman Chalisa chanting. Sanjive Sachdev, Ravi Pattni and Poonam Pattni offered their heartfelt seva.

Prior events took place at Jalaram Mandir and SSD Mandir leading up to the big day.

Approximately 350 people attended throughout the day, out of which 120 stayed for the whole day. The First Lady High Commissioner of India – Dryuti Rawat Singh – graced the occasion and sat as one of the main Yajamans and H.E. Uppender Singh Rawat joined for the last 3 hours.

The team took the crowd to depths of electrifying magic and a meditative state. The event inspired many and the organizers look forward to making it a signature event in Uganda.

Gita Fest at Chicago

Dated : 2024/07/12

The Gita Fest 2024 has been conducted and completed successfully at Chinmaya Mission Chicago-Badri, under the guidance of Swami Shantananda, Swami Sharanananda and Swami Aparajitananda.

136 participants chosen from the State Finals held in 21 US states and Canada (Ontario region) took part in the National Chanting Competition. In addition to chanting, many Centres also participated in the Gita Vocabulary Quiz, Gita Krida (Kahoot Game show) and Yuva Gita Talks under the Learn Gita initiative, this year to celebrate the 108th Chinmaya Jayanti.

Link to pictures from the event:

Group pictures of participating States:

Contest results have been published on the Event webpage

All chanting Award Recipients have been invited to the Mahasamadhi Camp 2024, to receive their Trophy and Cash Prize from Swami Swaroopananda (Global Head, Chinmaya Mission) on 31 July 2024.

Monsoon Book Sale

Dated : 2024/06/24

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Summer Camp for Kids in Delhi

Dated : 2024/06/09

‘The Magic of Mindfulness’ was the annual Bala Vihar summer camp held at the Chinmaya Center of World Understanding in New Delhi from May 20th to June 9th 2024. Over 20 days, more than 140 enthusiastic children between the ages of 7 and 12 were engaged in learning Mantra Chanting, Bhajans, Yoga and participating in value-based activities.

One day was dedicated to Matru Puja, a special ceremony through which the children expressed their love towards their parents.

The camp concluded with a spectacular grand finale, attended by excited parents, committee members and Swami Avyayananda. It was a most meticulously planned event where the children showcased everything they had learned in the 20 days

Before the curtains came down on another summer camp, the Sevikas took the stage delighting the audience as they were recognised as the ones who had taught the children so much in such a short time. The camp was a resounding success, thanks to the grace of God and Guru, and the hard work put in by the Sevikas.

Youth Camp in Portugal

Dated : 2024/05/19

Gratitude, Guru and Giving were the focus of the recent Youth Camp in Portugal. Set in the picturesque landscapes of Lisbon, the camp’s theme centred around the significance of having a Guru in one’s life. The journey started with the question; “Why do you get out of bed every morning?” Followed with the unpacking of what happiness means; differentiating between materialistic happiness and spiritual happiness. Then finally, meandering onto the idea of knowing oneself and having a Guru to act as the boat which carries you across this Samsara.

Fun, fire (bonfire!) and fantastic conversations filled the three days, with morning silent nature walks, gratitude games, discussion sessions and talks by Brahmacharini Shripriya Chaitanya (Chinmaya Mission UK) on the qualities of a Guru. In the evenings the group all huddled around the crackling fire filling the night time sky with soulful bhajans, and the game Charades based around the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The warmth and sparks of the fire fed into the hearts of those present, lighting a lamp within, leaving everyone feeling peaceful and re-energised, hungry for knowledge.

Compassion, churning and character; the camp provided a serene environment, creating a space for reflection and learning. The group churned out ideas of how to cultivate a compassionate character which allows one to have an abundance of love and an infinite amount of indiscriminate compassion that ultimately shines through to everyone around. The group discussed how through Seva we can cultivate this character and continuously contribute to nature, society and the world without seeking return. Finally, this unlimited love and compassion can be seen in our Gurus and this is what we seek to embody.

As the campers left, they took away with them beautiful memories, new friendships and the sparks of determination to contribute more to society after being inspired by stories about Swami Chinmayananda. Campers were left with a profound understanding of the indispensable role a Satguru plays in one’s life and a deep gratitude for the knowledge they hold. Leaving Lisbon with a backpack full of thoughts, they carried with them the idea that a compassionate act can be in the smallest of actions.

Teacher Empowerment at Hosur

Dated : 2024/06/08

As a part of the Teacher Empowerment Programme, a session on Value of Value Education for teachers was conducted by Swami Shashvatananda and Sevaks Smt. Suganya and Smt. Rajeswari for Sri Bharathi Vidhalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School teachers on 8 June 2024.

The session covered various aspects of Values, its purpose, its importance and teachers as role models. 40 teachers attended the 90 minute session.
The Principal, who attentively participated, appreciated the need for such sessions.

All participants were given a copy of Tapovan Prasad magazine as a take away at the end of the session.

A Festive Month at Chinmayaranayam, Ellayapalli

Dated : 2024/05/31

108th Chinmaya Jayanti celebrations took place in Chinmayaranayam, Ellayapalli from 8 May to 31 May 2024, with a Paduka Procession, Guru Paduka Puja, Bike Rally, a play about Swami Chinmayananda called “The Disenchanted Journalist” and a Bala Vihar camp, where children were given training in Vedic chanting – Medha Sooktam, Bhagavad Gita, and an exposure to Ramayana alongwith Yoga, Games, Art and Bhajans.

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