How do I become a member of Chinmaya Mission?
In the words of Swami Chinmayananda: “Members of Chinmaya Mission are not subscription payers, or those who run after the swami, or even those who fall hundred times at his feet. God is all-pervading and the Mission’s hope is to make our generation more conscious of the God-principle. Thus, all our friends who are sincerely practicing self-purification and mental purification are faithful Mission members, more than those who pay a donation or wear a badge on their chest. So long as you are practicing — not outwardly only, but mainly inwardly — you are a dearer member of the Chinmaya family than anybody else.”
Which is the nearest center from my place?
Please visit the list of Chinmaya Mission Centres (hyperlink) to get to know the Centre closest to you.
What are the activities conducted at the center where I am located?
To know what activities are conducted at the Centre closest to you – please contact the local Mission Centre for details.
How can I keep myself up-to-date about the Chinmaya Mission activities?
Subscribing to the local Centre's news bulletin or joining their e-mailing list shall help you keep abreast of the activities at the local Centre. To know of the activities (past and forthcoming) across Chinmaya Mission Centres – you may subscribe to Tapovan Prasad (hyperlink Tapovan Prasad page here) – the monthly international magazine of Chinmaya Mission worldwide.
There seems to be a plethora of websites giving information on Chinmaya Mission. Which is the one I should rely upon?
The official website of Central Chinmaya Mission Trust is http://www.chinmayamission.com (please correct). Regional or Local Centres/Projects often have their own local websites. These may be center/ city/ country/ region specific. You may sometimes find more detailed information in a local website. We would recommend visiting the CCMT website mentioned here as also the local one pertaining to your area to get more detailed information.