an understanding of the path to follow.
Armed with this…
when we take up an assignment…
either spiritual or worldly…
we accept results will not be quick.

DESPITE THIS we tend to get…
As obstacles sprout…we are…
WHEN the situation looks difficult…impossible
We are ready to give up.

On the spiritual path also we encounter…
SOMETIMES even speed breakers!
Gathering courage…the mind
counters with…
No…this is noble work…
to my limitations and weaknesses.

On one hand…confusion prevails.
We face discouragement…deterrents.
On the flip side…folks cheer us on.
If not people…it will be the mind
Chattering…doubting…convincingly diffident.
Telling us all this is useless.
To the background of a
cacophony dissenting voices…
some frogs were trying to climb a hill.

The by-standers jeered…discouraged.
Loudly they yelled…

Many frogs slipped…fell…gave up
They believed they could not climb.
However…to everyone’s surprise one
frog did reach the top…

To succeed remain…determined
Turn a deaf ear to all else.
Accept there will be problems
but continue regardless!!!

Arise awake stop not till the goal is reached.
~ Swami Vivekananda.

The link to the show is as follows:

Shraddhanjali For Dr. Smt Prakashwati Sharma ji


Dr.Prakashwati Sharma, patron Chinmaya Mission Jaipur, breathed her last on 12th October 2018. A retired professor of philosophy got inspired by Pujya Gurudev’s teachings and Mission activities in 2009-10 while on a visit to the USA to her son. On returning to India she joined Chinmaya Mission with a missionary zeal. Despite her advancing age and health problems she joined 2 years residential Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai in 2011 under the guidance of Pujya Swami Advayananda Ji. She conducted regular classes on different scriptures after completing her course in the year 2103 along with serving almost all Mission activities as Vice President and later as Patron. She regularly visited Sandeepany to attend different sessions of ongoing Vedanta Courses whenever she could spare time.

Dr.Prakashwati Sharma Amma was a loving mentor and precious guide for Chinmaya Family Jaipur. Her ardent devotion for Advait Philosophy was a source of inspiration for all the devotees at Jaipur. Her demise is a great irreparable loss to us.

Chinmaya Family offers its condolences to the family.


Karma Yoga in the Cosmos

At any point in time…
even as the world of humans sleeps…
giving without expecting…
This is Yagna…the spirit of sacrifice

The action of each one…
enables the next one to perform.
In complete harmony with the cosmos…
this sets in motion the Wheel of Action.


Food comes from rain.
The rain falls from the clouds that…
Give up the moisture they hold…
Which comes from the water…
That the lakes and seas give up…
When the sun gives up its heat…
And food gives itself up…
To nourish the human body.

When the moon rises in the sky
the ocean heaves up as if to meet it!
It creates tides that help human and sea life.
To greet the rising sun…
the birds chirp in unison…
lotuses bloom gracefully in invocation!
Such reverence…harmony…love!
What a mesmerising give and take!
What a melodious dialogue in Nature!


Humans set discordant notes
Man alone is snoring in amidst the Divine!
Man takes benefit of the total activity
Not giving…not contributing.
Karma yoga is not any self-centered action.
It is action in consonance with the total good.


Be like the sun…the ocean waters…the wind
Fulfilled…at Peace with yourself and the world.

– – Swami Tejomayananda.

100 Hours of SILENCE Retreat

During the period of Kali, all moves fast! The body is restless, the mind is often negative and the intellect seeks happiness externally. In efforts to evolve from being extroverted (dependently joyous) to being introverted (independently joyous), 18 Sadhakas (seekers) met on September 19th in Pittsburgh to be in SILENCE for 100 hours.

Several Sadhakas were SILENCE retreat pros having attended retreats in the past, while others were new to the experience. A few days prior, Sadhakas received clear instructions from their guide, Vivekji, on what/ what not to bring, how/ how not to come and most importantly, how to best be prepared for the intensity of SILENCE.

The packing list included loose clothing, basic toiletries, a simple alarm clock and a reusable water bottle. Phones were not permitted and water was the only substance that could be consumed at all times. Also on the list and arguably the most important of all packing items, were materials for a personal meditation seat.  Six hours were spent daily in a seated contemplation practice, so basic physical comfort was essential. Sadhakas were also instructed to not bring reading, writing, or ritual materials. They would come and go as monks and even in packing, were tactfully being prepared by Vivekji to reject dependencies and distractions of the outer world.

Each day, the schedule was cyclical – wake up, contemplation, nutrition, reflection, rinse and repeat. Sadhakas slept around 9pm for ~8 hours each night. Developing an introverted personality requires much energy and one of the first obstacles on the path of self-unfoldment is laya or sleepiness. Therefore, a good night’s rest was essential for the sadhakas’ internal growth. The regulated schedule also allowed sadhakas to break out of their usual limitations of space and time, so sadhakas were generally unaware of where they were or what time it was.

Contemplation sessions served as training grounds for the sadhakas’ SILENCE journey, while nutrition and reflection sessions reflected testing environments. Where training and testing overlapped, sadhakas could identify truth. Vivekji led sadhakas through Vipassana meditation during contemplation sessions. Vippasana comes from the Sanskrit word vipashyana or vairagya, meaning to see things as they are, without color. This practice allows one to live in the present, experience positivity and even improve concentration.

Over the span of 100 hours, sadhakas acquainted themselves with this means of spiritual purification and by the end, found their bodies’ to be calmer, their minds’ quieter and their intellects’ stiller. Purification prepares a sadhaka to ultimately transcend the same equipments to realize one’s true nature of joy. In this process, sadhakas began to cultivate an appreciation for the role that their equipments (body, mind, intellect) play in liberation. Sadhakas caught a glimpse of what it feels like to be independently joyous.

With freshness in their hearts and clarity in their minds, sadhakas packed their belongings and returned home to their real testing environments. All returned back to their daily responsibilities, yet this time, with a new and peace-filled vision for life.

Activities in Bengaluru During September 2018

Activities in Bengaluru during Sep 2018

Gita Jnana Yajna by Pujya Swami Gahanananda

Pujya Swami Gahanananda of Tumkur centre conducted a Gita Jnana Yajna in Kannada at Chinmaya Mission, Malleswaram  from 4th to 10th September, 2018 taking Bhagavad Geeta Chapter – 4. The Yajna was inaugurated by senior Mission member Smt Vijaya Byrappa.

Introducing the subject Pujya Swamiji explained how worldly knowledge fails in evolvement and only Self knowledge can help in attaining peace of mind. This knowledge can help in maintaining peace of mind while interacting with the outer world through control of the senses and right thinking that helps in removing several false understandings created due to misunderstanding. Lord Krishna compares this Self knowledge to a ship that can take us across the ocean of samsara, fire of knowledge that will burn all ignorance, the light that will dispel the darkness of ignorance and sword that will cut asunder all doubts.

The Yajna was very well attended.

Gita Jnana Yajna by Pujya Swami Adityananda

Pujya Swami Adityananda of Mandya centre conducted a Gita Jnana Yajna in Kannada on Bhagavad Gita Chapter – 4 at Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, HSR Layout from 17th to 23rd September, 2018. The Yajna was inaugurated by Sri Raghurama Reddy noted philanthropist and industrialist.

Pujya Swamiji explained how most scriptures contain subtle stories with deep meaning that kindle the mind of the student to think and attempt to discover the Reality. It is very important to understand the essence of the Real and Unreal  getting established firmly that ‘I’ am not the body but the all pervading entity enlivening the entire universe. This is possible only through Self knowledge and actions with yajna bhava when all bondage vanishes and the sadhak revels in an ocean of bliss and quietitude.

The Yajna was very well attended with Pujya Swamiji conducting Vedic Mathematics, Balavihar and Yuvakendra classes also during the course of Yajna.

Annual Bhajan Competition

The annual Bhajan Competition for Balavihar children was held on Sunday, 9th September,2018 at Sripaadakshetra, J P Nagar where 20 teams participated. The entire complex reverberated with each group trying to excel the other as they sang bhajans selected from the famous album Gana Taranga. The preparation that had gone for the programme was clearly visible in the perfection and clarity of the children who tried their best to emulate Pujya Swami Brahmananda’s golden voice. Pujya Swami Brahmananda gave away the prizes to the three best teams. Five groups were awarded consolation prizes.


Sanyasa Deeksha at CIF

Dear All,

 Hari Om! Greetings from Adi Sankara Nilayam, Veliyanad!

 Today, on this auspicious morning – 2ndOctober, 2018 – at Chinmaya International Foundation, Veliyanad, 5 more precious lives dedicated themselves to Chinmaya Mission and the vision of Pujya Gurudev. I am happy to announce the initiation of yellow-clothed Brahmacharins into the flaming orange Sannyasa ashram as Swamis and Swaminis. Their new names, preceded by their earlier names are:

Br Vamsi – Swami Vijayananda (CM Vijaynagaram)
Brni Vidya – Swamini Shreyananda (Chinmayaranyam)
Br Hrishikesh – Swami Sarvatmananda (CM Kothapatnam)
Brni Bhavana – Swamini Pavitrananda (CM Renigunta)
Brni Vibha – Swamini Supremananda (CM Kurnool)

Attached is a photograph of the new initiates.

May the grace of God and the blessings of our entire Guru Parampara lead them to the ultimate goal of Self-realisation.

A small video of the announcement of their new names can be viewed on the YouTube channel of Chinmaya Mission. The link is:


Today we have inaugurated the third Malayalam Vedanta course at Sandeepany Kerala, Adi Sankara Nilayam, Veliyanad. I invoke Bhagwan Sankaracharya and Gurudev’s Blessings on Swami Sharadananda and the students.

At His Feet,

Maharaja Agresen Rashtriya Samman for Chinmaya Mission

The work of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide has been appreciated and acknowledged by Swaraj Sansthana Sanchalaya, a division of the Ministry of Culture, Government of Madhya Pradesh. In recognition of the path breaking initiatives in the field of Spirituality and for spreading the ancient Knowledge of the scriptures to all age groups across the world, Chinmaya Mission, has been awarded the Maharaja Agresen Rashtriya Samman 2018-19.

As per the directions of Swami Swaroopanandaji, Swami Advayananda and Swami Raghavananda attended the award ceremony function on 15th August, in Bhopal since Swami Swaroopanandaji was travelling overseas. They received the citation as well as the purse of Rs 2.00 lakhs, on behalf of Chinmaya Mission. Both thanked the Government of Madhya Pradesh for this prestigious award, and the honour bestowed on Chinmaya Mission.

Celebrate Life – The Biggest Gift

Better Than All GIFTS

We are alive…we know it.
We live…we see…hear…touch…feel.
We also achieve..think…ideate.
We interact…transact.


From whence came this life?
We cannot truly say
our parents gave it…or that we created it…

But…know for sure…


To destroy it is easy.
But we cannot GIVE life as easily as…
we can take it away.
It is not enough to have life.
We need to learn to appreciate what we have.


Does having life make me alive?
Does owning a bat make me a cricketer?

I must know what the bat can do
…then make the bat do what it can.

So too know what to do with life:

  • Individually
  • Jointly


We do not realise the greatness
of the immense possibilities of enabling…
creative…loving…building actions.
We complain about what we do not have.
This is being ungrateful.
It is unintelligent behaviour.

What you have is His gift to you.
What you do with what you have
is your gift to him.” ~ Swami Chinmayananda

The majority use life to get more…
have more.
Whereas we should give more…
To build…restore…serve…
enhance creation is…




Is might Right or
is right Might?
What should we choose?

Commonly power rests with
physical, financial, military or political clout
and most submit to these power centers;
but some choose courage
to stand by RIGHT.

Be it the Puranas, Ramayan or the Mahabharata
the Roman or British Empire,
History shows that
short-term power comes from selfishness
brings short term glory
does not endure.
But History has proven the might of right!
Rights and duties are powerful brothers
when one does his duty
the other gets his rights

spirituality goes one step up:
‘remember the rights people have OVER YOU
forget the rights YOU HAVE OVER OTHERS.’
subjugation? Nay! Sublimation!

One can live doing one’s duties
or protecting one’s rights
One is self-welfare
the other is world-welfare.
There is no need to fight for rights.
There is a need to perform duties.
He who performs his duties
Gains his rights
This is the way of a spiritual life.

Constant fight and struggle
over rights
leads to friction, agitation.

The really mighty were those
who did not fight for their rights

or their values.
The world simply gave it to them.
Mahatma Gandhi
Lokmanya Tilak
Martin Luther
Nelson Mandela
merely performed their duty
and became immortal in our memory.

we see the failure of duty
but aggressive fight for rights.

Let’s flip that – respect others’ rights
do our duty
we will grow in spiritual stature,
individually and collectively.
Might wins for the here and now;

right wins FOREVER.

– – Swami Tejomayananda.

JCHYK & CHYK Camp at CM Boston


We had an amazing JCHYK Camp last week at CMB.  Vivekji kept the youths very occupied, teaching them as well as making them think independently to derive answers that are most practical and useful in life.  They learnt how to handle situations better and how to analyze and direct their thoughts to be positive and productive.  Under his guidance the youths discussed the importance of thinking before speaking and directing their own thoughts into action.  Vivekji also taught them to step out of their comfort zones and to learn and accept others – some very important qualities of being a leader!  Additionally, the kids had fun in Boston, enjoyed playing games, made new friendships and did lots of chores – an unbelieving amount of Seva for CMB!

Most importantly, all kids went home with a confident smile exhibiting that they had learnt unique lifelong lessons from the camp and knowing that they would be able to implement them to lead a fuller and a happier life.  They also mentioned that they would like to return to the camp next year.  In addition, some of them encouraged their older siblings to join Vivekji’s CHYK camp.

It was a great success – a BIG thanks to Vivekji and we look forward seeing him again next year!


During the weekend of August 31 to Sept 2, CHYK Boston hosted a retreat titled “Unlearning to Learn”. A small but dedicated group of CHYKs from around the US gathered to study lessons from Sri Rama Gita, under the guidance of  Vivekji. Sri Rama Gita is a teaching given by Sri Rama to his brother Lakshmana, answering questions that Lakshmana poses about knowledge, dispassion, maya, devotion, and God.

Vivekji guided the CHYKs through Sri Rama’s answers on each of these topics and provided short “unlearnings” and “learnings” to overcome habits and tendencies that keep one from achieving happiness. Several individual and group activities throughout the weekend gave the CHYKs an opportunity to try out these learnings for themselves. A water-filled soccer (football) game in a nearby park was the perfect setting for getting out of one’s comfort zone, while a cooking challenge with limited time and resources pushed the CHYKs to come to decisions more effectively as a group. On the final day of the camp, the CHYKs created charcoal drawings representing one word that summarized their learnings from the week; some of the chosen words included growthdetachmentredefine, and cleansing.

As autumn begins in the US along with the start of a new school year, the Unlearning to Learn retreat was an energizing opportunity for the CHYKs to set goals, try new things, and rededicate to learning and reflecting in the year ahead.