Balavihar sevaks Training at Chinmaya Mission Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Chinmaya Mission Ahmedabad conducted a Balavihar sevak Training on 22nd January 2017. Guided by Br. Atharvana Chaitanya, a group of 25 enthusiastic sevaks belonging to varied age groups reflected on important questions such as Who is a sevak? Who is the Sevya? and What is Seva? in context of Balavihar activities.

It was highlighted that Seva is not a particular action but it is the attitude with which every action should be performed.  The qualities and special skills required to be imbibed by a Balavihar sevak were explained in detail. Br. Atharvana Chaitanya beautifully explained the significance of threefold Bhakti in a Balavihar sevak. As Bhagavan in the form of Children is our Sevya, our love for Children is Ishwara Bhakti. As Guru imparts knowledge, our love for Knowledge is Guru Bhakti and teaching through Balavihar brings a positive change in the society therefore our love for Teaching is Desha Bhakti. Thus a confluence of Ishwara Bhakti, Guru Bhakti and Desha Bhakti brings out the best in a Balavihar sevak. All were guided to derive strength through unflinching faith in God, in Guru, in Scriptures and in oneself, leading to a positive transformation within and without.

Groups were then formed and sevak were asked to spontaneously come up with ideas to convey a particular value to children – through games, stories, or activities. It was recommended to all sevaks to devote at least 3 hours per week for Balavihar classes, comprising 1 hour of Swadhyaya (Study classes), 1 hour of preparation and one hour for conducting the classes.

Quoting Pujya Guruji, Br. Atharvana Chaitanya pointed out that “God does not see one’s ability or inability but one’s availability”. The training was successfully concluded reminiscing God’s Grace & invoking Pujya Gurudev’s blessings.

Balavihar Sevaks


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