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Every good thought sent out rebonds with a hundred times its force on the sender himself; so too bo bad thoughts. Let us, therefore, avoid sending out even a single bad thought.

  • February 12, 2017
    The Benefits Non-believers say that God doesn’t really exist. It is just a belief. DESPITE THAT..      Simple faith and belief in the existence of God benefits greatly. It doesn’t matter whether He exists or not… Each is free to their own faith… So long as there is Read More >>
  • January 23, 2017
    A COMMON QUESTION: Why do good people suffer or why do bad things happen to good people? It APPEARS good people get the brunt of suffering, while evil-doers enjoy life. Is this true? Does not everyone suffer in one form or another? So is not the question MEANINGLESS? JRead More >>
  • December 23, 2016
    STANDARDS FOR GOODNESS - AM I REALLY GOOD? To work for ourselves and achieve great things, is not laudable. But to help others to achieve their goals is an ACCOMPLISHMENT. To reciprocate goodness is common courtesy. REAL GOODNESS is…when despite being harmed …we continue to wish the person well Read More >>
  • December 3, 2016
    People often ask… “WHY SHOULD I PRAY?” “I believe in leading a moral life and doing good deeds. Is that not enough?” However, to be CONSISTENTLY virtuous one requires: tremendous strength determination noble ideals ELSE…it is easRead More >>
  • November 26, 2016
    Anger - the universal problem…from time immemorial…the world over - children, youngsters, adults, even spiritual seekers suffer from it.   What is anger? Why do we get angry? Why do we want to overcome anger?   Anger is dangerous aRead More >>
  • August 22, 2016
    In order to live a peaceful and fulfilling life, one must enrich one’s inner equipment – the mind and intellect. For this, it is important to follow values. Inner Purification However, many people question, “Why? Why should I follow values?” On the other hand, soRead More >>
  • August 2, 2016
    Living in the family fold, we have to continue our sadhana. Not only is this possible but it is relatively simple to maintain a particular attitude and spirit while performing our duties.  We are not required to perform any specific actions. Only now the same actions are performed with an altered mRead More >>
  • July 26, 2016
    We have seen how dependence on material things, worldly relations, and pleasure seeking steadily decreases as our love for God increases. Interestingly as we move towards the Lord with faith, love and devotion, we automatically develop a certain amount of detachment to worldly objects. Let meRead More >>
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