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Shrimad Bhagavata Sandesh

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Talk 18

Dated : 2020-09-22

We have seen the Teacher-disciple lineage (Guru śiṣya paraṁparā) of the Śrīmada Bhāgavata within this Mahāpurāṇa, itself.
First and foremost, Lord Narayana gave this knowledge to Brahma, the creator of the cosmos, read more …

Talk 17

Dated : 2020-09-21

We started the Shrimad Bhagavata Sandesh with invocation prayers (maṅgalācaraṇa). Then, we saw the introduction of this Mahāpurāṇa followed by an invitation to partake this ripened and nectar laden fruit derived from the wish fulfilling tree (kalpataru) called the Vedas. read more …

Talk 16

Dated : 2020-09-20

We were seeing the supremacy and exclusiveness of devotion. Devotion is of the form of love.
Even in the transactional world, if there is love in our heart towards anyone, a certain peace and joy is experienced. read more …

Talk 15

Dated : 2020-09-19

In the context of devotion, we saw that people should understand that their ultimate welfare (svārtha) is in realising one’s (Self) oneness with the Lord (Brahman). Today, we will be further seeing the same topic. read more …

Talk 14

Dated : 2020-09-18

In the Śrīmada Bhāgavata, the messages (teachings) that have been imparted in relation to yoga, we are currently seeing them. We have seen the first definition in relation to yoga in the message which was told by Sage Kapila to his mother Devahuti. read more …

Talk 13

Dated : 2020-09-17

Through Vedanta pramāṇa we obtain knowledge of the Self and having realized that the Self is Brahman, that is they are one in svarūpa (intrinsic nature), the purpose of Vedanta has been met. Now the next verse is the 43rd verse of the 21st chapter of the 11th canto (verse no.18 of the current compilation). read more …

Talk 12

Dated : 2020-09-16

Yesterday through the method of anvaya and vyatireka we had determined the intrinsic nature of the Self, which is our pure essential nature – Existence (Sat), Consciousness (Cit) and is changeless. Be it the body or sense organs, the five vital forces (prāṇa), mind, intellect, etc., read more …

Talk 11

Dated : 2020-09-15

Knowledge of the Self (ātmajñāna) or knowledge of the ultimate essence (tattvajñāna), both being synonymous, cannot be attained without a compassionate Sadguru.

Yesterday we were seeing that Lord Krishna was reminiscing His stay at the Gurukula with his dear friend Sudama. read more …

Talk 10

Dated : 2020-09-14

In relation to Dharma, we will be seeing the essence of the messages that we have been reflecting upon, in a nutshell. For walking the path of Dharma the most important aspect is remembrance of the Lord and for that the best means is remembrance of the name of the Lord. read more …

Talk 09

Dated : 2020-09-13

Currently we are seeing the true nature and essence of Dharma, the roots of which lie in noble virtues. Today we will be listening to another story. I had told you about a King Prachinbarhi who was extensively engrossed in karmakāṇḍa (Vedic rituals) and when Rishi Narada gave him the knowledge of the Self, he attained liberation. read more …


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