Geeta Jayanthi celebrations at Chinmaya Mission Sikkim

Chinmaya Mission Sikkim Centre conducted a Geeta reciting programme very successfully. There were a total of 113 participants, including children of Chinmaya Bala Vihar centres, Executive BOD Members, parents, senior citizens and devotees of mission. 

Smaran Chaitanya ji emphasised the value and need of Geeta in a very interesting way.  Chinmaya Mission Sikkim President, Shri CP Dhakal ji shared his thoughts on “Why Geeta and how Geeta guides us on the way to live a life from birth to death”. 

Chinmaya Bhajan Mandali group presented devotional songs and Geeta Arati.

With the feelings of Karma Yoga, all the parents of Bala Vihar children offered their time and effort in looking after prasad, prasad pustika distribution, stage and hall management,and light and sound system arrangement.

In order to make this programme a grand success all the BOD Members like Shri Ratna Subbaji, Shri SK Sardaji, Shri. Lalchan Khatriji, Shri Madhav Khanalji, youth coordinator Shri Gowin Dhakalji all played vital role.


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