Sannyasa Deeksha 2018

Chinmaya Mission Centres & Members

Blessed Chinmaya Family,

Hari Om!

Wishing all our Chinmaya Family members a blessed and blissful Mahashivaratri!

Today, on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivaratri, Chinmaya Mission obtained 9 more precious gems. I am glad to announce the initiation of yellow-clothed Brahmacharins into the flaming orange Sannyasa ashrama as Swamis and Swaminis on this auspicious morning at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai.


  1. Br Atharvana Chaitanya – Swami Avyayananda (CM Ahmedabad, Gujarat)
  2. Br Darshan Chaitanya – Swami Gunatitananda (CM Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  3. Br Dhruva Chaitanya – Swami Abhayananda (CM Trivandrum, Kerala)
  4. Br Jagrat Chaitanya – Swami Chidakashananda (CM Jaffna, Sri Lanka)
  5. Br Shaunak Chaitanya – Swami Turiyananda (CM Cudappah, Andhra Pradesh)
  6. Br Sujay Chaitanya – Swami Aparajitananda (CM Mangalore, Karnataka)


  1. Brni Poorvi Chaitanya – Swamini Poorvajananda (CM Eluru, Andhra Pradesh)
  2. Brni Sandhya Chaitanya – Swamini Nishkalananda (CM Kalyan, Maharashtra)
  3. Brni Sulabha Chaitanya – Swamini Svayamprabhananda (CM Hyderabad, Telengana)

May Lord Jagadeeshwara and Pujya Gurudev’s grace and blessings be upon one and all!

A small video of the announcement of their new names can be viewed on the youtube channel of Chinmaya Mission at:

I am also glad to inform that arrangements have been made to do a live webcast of some of the celebrations of Mahashivaratri at Jagadeeshwara Temple. The timings of the webcast would be:

1800-1900 hours IST – this includes the evening Aarati

From around 2200 to just past midnight IST covering the Maha Aarati

The link for the live webcast will be:


At His Feet,


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