Vrindavan Bhagawat Saptah by Sw Abhedanandaji, Organised by CM Jodhpur in Dec 2019

Srimad Bhagawat Saptah by Swami Abhedananda in Vrindavan 

Organized by Chinmaya Mission Jodhpur

7th to 13th December 2019

Chinmaya Mission Jodhpur organized Srimad Bhagawat Saptah camp, conducted by Swami Abhedananda from 7th to 15th December 2019 in the pious Vrindavan Dham. The camp witnessed over 240 participants from all over India and overseas, thirsty to drink the divine nectar which is ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’.

To hear the Lord’s infinite glories in His Dham from a virtuous exponent on the subject happens only with Lord’s blessings and His utmost grace. Even the simple auditorium of an ashram can get gloriously transformed into a shrine when divinity is encased in every particle of a place. Beautifully decorated with peacock feathers, bells and flowers the stage was set to welcome the Lord in the hearts of each and every listener.

Swamiji’s soul-stirring discourses transported the listeners to the realm of the divine. From Vedanta to Bhakti, from dispassion to Divine love, the audience was transfixed. Swamiji’s life-transforming discourses interspersed with humor took the audience through a myriad of emotions from thought-provoking knowledge to soul-stirring devotion.

The main highlights of the Saptah were the festive celebrations of various Utsavs and leelas including Shri Ram Janmotsav and Shri Krishna Janmotsav. The pinnacle being Krishna Janam where Swamiji literally gave birth to the mysterious, naughty, most beautiful Lord of Vrindavan in the heart of each and every listener. The entire hall pulsated with divine energy and overflowing joy.

Aside from this, Vedic priests performed daily Havans and rituals which were participated by the Mukhya and Utsav Yajamans of Bhagawat saptah. Prior to the commencement of the Bhagawat Saptah, the priests conducted the Sankalp Havan and Pooja where the Yajmaans took Sankalp for inculcating divine virtues of Gyana, Bhakti and Vairagya, and prayers for the prosperity and growth of Chinmaya Mission worldwide. On subsequent days, the priests performed different havans to propitiate the various deities.

The entire event was meticulously planned and executed by the very able members of Chinmaya Mission Jodhpur. All the attendees enjoyed delicious Rajasthani food specially organized by the mission members.

Every evening the devotees had the opportunity to have an informal Satsang session with Swamiji as well as the opportunity to visit the various divine temples of the Lord. After seven days of complete bliss, the attendees had the rare opportunity to partake in the Govardhan Parikrama. Along with Swamiji, the other attendees dancing, singing and doing kirtan did the Parikrama on foot. The culmination was on 14th December with the auspicious Purnahuti Havan.

In the seven days, each and every listener felt the touch of the Divine. From tears of ecstasy to the bliss of belonging to the Lord each their hearts melted. Knowing that it is highly auspicious to listen to a Bhagawat Saptah at least once in a lifetime, the delegates thanked the Mission and Pujya Gurudev and carried back a little bit of Vrindavan with them to keep forever in their hearts.

Om Shri Chinmaya Sadgurave Namah!


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