Camp at Uttarkashi by Sw Chidrupanandaji & Sw Madhavanandaji

On the occasion of birth centenary celebrations of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji a spiritual family camp was held at ‘Tapovan Kuti’ during 23-29 May 2015, under the guidance of Swami Madhavanandaji and Swami Chidrupanandaji, acharayas of Ranchi and Noida Chinmaya Mission respectively. During the camp meditation, pranayam, Sandilyopanishada and Ramcharitamanas classes were taken by Swami Madhavanandaji. Classes on ‘Yoga Vasistha Sara Sangraha’ were taken by Swami Chidrupanandaji. In the serene atmosphere of Tapovan Kutti on the bank of Ganges around 85 devotees from all over India and abroad participated in the camp. Devotees also participated in Gurudev’s paduka puja, Ganga snanam, Ganga vihar and visit to Kashi-Viswanath and Lakhseshswar temples and a rare opportunity to feed and have darshan of around 70 sadhus from the divine region. After the camp there was a visit to Gangotri.   For most devotees it was a life time opportunity to come and be in the camp at ‘Tapovan Kutti’, where Pujya Gurudev undertook his studies and sadhana at the lotus feet of Paramaguru Tapovanji Maharaj.

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