Chinmaya Vijaya girls to Chinmaya Vibbooti

Hari Om!

Sharing a report and some photos of the recent visit of Chinmaya Vijaya girls to Chinmaya Vibbooti.

21 girls from Chinmaya Vijaya (girls’ orphanage in Kaza, near Vijaywada) aged 10-14 years old along with two caretakers and accompanied by Br Kushal Chaitanya, reached Chinmaya Vibhooti (the Vision Centre of Chinmaya Mission at Kolwan, near Pune) late on 9th May. The night sky opened up to receive them in a heavy shower of unexpected rain.

21 girls from Chinmaya Vijaya

The next morning a bright sun welcomed them as they embarked on their 19-day stay. After a couple of days to settle in, they participated in a Bala Vihar camp by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, on the topic of values. From 12 to 15 May, they attended classes, activities and games, and participated in cultural performances and a prabhat pheri procession between Vibhooti’s two beautiful temples. The girls enjoyed the camp thoroughly and said they would love to repeat the experience!

From 17th to 21st May, the group spent time with Smt Pramodini Rao, director of Chinmaya Naada Bindu (CNB). She told them lots of stories and taught them lots of songs, and it was mutual love at first sight (and sound). They had evening spiritual class with Br Srivatsa Chaitanya and Br Narayana Chaitanya. In their spare time they also had a taste of Vedic Maths with Shri Rupesh from School of Vedic Maths – unplanned but thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening.

Chinmaya Vijaya girls

The last week of their stay at Chinmaya Vibhooti was spent learning dance with Smt Ramaa Bharadvaj, director of dance at CNB. ‎She spent quality time with them, teaching them mudras and their names, expressions and much more. She choreographed a dance to a Telugu song, especially for them to perform at the CNB Summer Arts Intensive valedictory. The audience was enthralled and overjoyed by the performance, which was a display of their zest, coordination with each other, and tuning with Ramaaji.

Dance with Smt Ramaa Bharadvaj

The best part of the visit of the Chinmaya Vijaya girls to Chinmaya Vibhooti was the connection they formed with each one they interacted with. Be it management or staff or visitors who happened to be around, everyone enjoyed their company thoroughly. Their warm smiles and waves, their friendly banter, and their polite conduct will be remembered for a long time to come.

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