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Every good thought sent out rebonds with a hundred times its force on the sender himself; so too bo bad thoughts. Let us, therefore, avoid sending out even a single bad thought.

  • January 8, 2014
    The guru and disciple relationship is unavoidable. Every great master has been under the guidance of a teacher. So it is not true when they say that a teacher is not necessary—that we can reach there just through books. But you have to understand very carefully. To say the guru is necessary dRead More >>
  • January 8, 2014
    The relation between the Guru and the disciple is extremely sacred, everlasting and spiritual. There is no worldly relationship to which it can be compared. The true and ideal disciple's devotion to his Guru excels the devotion that an ideal son has for his father, an ideal Pativrata has for her husRead More >>

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